Pen pal writing (informal)

This is the most relaxed form of journal writing. Write to me like I'm your pen pal from Canada! Tell me about your daily life and ask me questions about mine. This is perfect if you want to write in a casual way - just like how you would speak to a friend.

This is the same casual and effortless tone and style that I use to write text messages to my friends and family - aka exactly how I speak :)

Real Life Example

This is a real email that I sent to my sisters when I went to New York City in June 2015.


I'm sitting on my bed in my room now. I'm currently all alone. Dunno where the roomies are but their stuff is here. It's a cute little room with 3 beds.

Other than the 1-hour delay, the flight was good. It was really quick. It took me 2.5 hours to get from the airport in New Jersey here to Brooklyn. I'm so tired and hungry but I wanna let y'all know I got here safe first. I had to take 4 trains to get here. The first one was confusing. It only services the airport terminals and then you have to switch to get the one that goes to New York. I didn't know and stayed on then realized it was going backwards and had to go back and try again. This airport employee was sitting in the same compartment as me and didn't even tell me. Grr. But it's fine because the next train was a bit of a wait and she was still there when I finally made it lmao. It started getting dark and I couldn't see out the window of the train anymore. I got out and switched to the one that went downtown to 14th street. I don't like this number system. Also the subway stations here are dingy lol. Then I got out to find the next train. Dunno why these lines don't connect underground??? And had to walk into an emergency room to ask a security guard for directions. He was super helpful and even warned me of work being done on the L train which is the one to Brooklyn. Turns out the work starts at 11:30pm every night to 5am so I'm good. I won't be out that late. I'll try and be in by 9pm every night to be safe. The walk from the station to the hostel was pretty short but felt long because I was carrying luggage. The area doesn't feel sketch. There's a kitchen, a lounge with nice antique looking chairs (there's a guy there watching the TV right now which has Netflix) and we have an en suite bathroom which is amazing.

New paragraph because the last one got long. There are towels here but you have to rent them so be it. I paid $32 for unlimited week metro card which I believe is good for all the boroughs but I don't think I'll be going to Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx. Mostly gonna be in Manhattan since that's were it's all at. Looks like i'll be shopping at Walgreens again. The hostel has a map with nearby stores, services, and restaurants. I think I'll be good here as long as my roomies turn out to be nice. There are slips of paper on the headboards with our names. Their names are Ozan and Caio.

Okay I'm really tired from traveling for 7 hours so I'm gonna wash up and find food. Just wanted y'all to know I'm good. I'll try and update often. Talk soon!