How to Use Each Section

There are three sections:

  1. Tense-Specific Writing Prompts
  2. Types of Writing
  3. Discussion Topics

All three of these sections have a different purpose.

Tense-Specific Writing Prompts

Use this section if you want to focus on using specific verb tenses in context. Your entire submission does not need to be in the same tense (because that's not always possible), just make sure that you make an effort to use the target tense correctly.

(Writing prompts in this section were either written by me, or from

Types of Writing

Depending on the type of writing you are doing, you need to use a different register (formal or informal) and a different style (stating facts vs. telling a story). This section will help you practice writing different kinds of texts, or you can choose to write the same kind of text again and again until you master the style. It's up to you!

Discussion Topics

In the questionnaire you filled out, you indicated what topics interest you. Here's where you will find the discussion questions for those topics!

This section is a combination of the other two sections. You may choose to write in any style as long as you discuss the question, and it will require that you choose the best verb tenses to express yourself. This is also a good section to practice your vocabulary, as different topics will require completely different words! You might be more fluent in one topic than another. That's normal :)