Past Simple

We use the Past Simple for completed actions in the past.

Here is a detailed list:

A. Things that are over / not recent

eg. My sister fell off her bike in 2010.

B. The situation now is different from the past

eg. I had a lot of anxiety a few months ago.

C. With a time marker (last year, yesterday)

eg. On Saturday, my friend and I talked for 4 hours.

D. Listing actions one after the other

eg. First we went to the beach, then we ate at a restaurant, and then we took some pictures.

Writing prompts:

  • What did you do last weekend?
  • Write a short anecdote about something interesting/weird that happened to you recently. (If you are advanced, you can combine different past tenses.)
  • Describe a major historical event.
  • Write what you know of your family history. For example, where are your parents and grandparents from? What did they do for work? (If you are advanced, you can use a combination of past simple and past perfect.)