Tips for Success!

Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself. - Chinese Proverb

Tips for Success:

  • Signing up for the program is only Step One. I give you the tools, I help you, and I support you. But only YOU can ensure your success in this program by doing the WORK.
  • Make the time to write regularly. I know you are busy. It does not have to be every week. It can be every other week, but make the time. You will only succeed if you do your part.
  • Find other ways to expose yourself to English. It will enhance your experience in this program.
  • Every topic in your Google Drive folder has been carefully selected for you. Please do your best to give 100% to every topic.
  • I encourage you to re-write the assignments that require improvement. Re-writing allows you to study my corrections and suggestions and then improve on your own.
  • Try different kinds of writing and take risks. Always doing the same thing will not help you move forward.
  • Practice Makes Progress, not Perfect.
  • I can't read your mind. If there's something you don't understand, just ask!
  • You can email me at any time during your enrolment in the program.
  • A year goes by extremely quickly!