How it works

You need: To speak with a native English speaker to improve your fluidity, pronunciation, and confidence.

Your obstacles:

  • It's not easy to find a language partner who is a native English speaker.
  • Coordinating a time and place to meet up in person is also not easy.
  • You feel stuck and just want to speak!!!

The solution: Sign up and drop in for casual audio/video conversations!

When: The last Thursday of every month for 30 minutes, between 10AM to 5PM* (Toronto time). Choose your own time slot.

Where: We will use for all drop-ins. The link to join will be provided to all members.

*Subject to change. If I will be completely unavailable (meaning no time slots at all), all members will be refunded for that month.


A. This is not a class. You must already be able to understand and speak at a basic conversational level to participate. 

B. There are no lesson plans, no corrections, no notes, no homework. Just conversation.

C. If you need more than just conversation, please have a look at my other programs and courses.