Why speak English? Have you lost your motivation to speak English? Will you ever be fluent in English? Should you give up? 10 reasons to speak English. Pourquoi parler anglais ? As-tu perdu ta motivation de parler anglais ? Tu rêves de parler courramment anglais ? Devrais-tu abandonner ? 10 raisons pour parler anglais.

Have you lost your motivation to speak English? Too much grammar? Fears that you’ll never be “fluent” or whatever “fluent” means to you?

If you need a motivational boost to continue in your journey to speak English, here are some answers to the question, “Why speak English?”

1. Because you don’t need perfect grammar or vocabulary to be understood in English.

Don’t get discouraged that your grammar isn’t perfect. English speakers will still understand you. If you speak, it’s because you have a reason. It’s because you need to communicate. And there’s always a context for that communication. You normally wouldn’t say something for no reason. With context, people can normally guess what you’re trying to say. If you “wait” until you have “perfect” grammar, you’ll never open your mouth.

2. Because about ⅕ of the world population speaks English.

That’s about 1.5 billion people. And guess what? You're one of them. The grand majority of these 1.5 billion English speakers are non-native speakers. Native English speakers are a minority. You might not think of yourself as an "English speaker", but you’re still considered an English speaker in this world.

3. Because the way you speak English is a legitimate way of speaking English.

So you’re watching American TV and wish you sounded like that. Stop. Over 50 countries use English as one of their official languages. Do you think the way they speak all sounds the exact same? No, because that’s impossible. Each nation that uses English, uses it in some shape or form.

4. Because many jobs require English.

In our globalized economy, we use English as the common language. It makes international communication a lot easier. So if you wish to be promoted, work in tourism, or work a high level position in a company that has clients or branches in other countries, English is key.

5. Because English is the language of the Internet.

Speaking of globalization, it’s thanks to the internet. This is why most websites online are in English or at least have an English language version. If you want to find something on the internet, chances are, you’ll have better search results if you search in English.

6. Because you’ll be able to understand English-language media.

Media and entertainment are super fun ways to immerse yourself in English without leaving your house. Take advantage. At your level, you should be able to watch in English and transition from subtitles in your native language, to English subtitles. Also, listening improves your speaking.

7. Because knowing another language makes you a better person.

People who know more than one language have stronger brains, and understand more than one culture. If you’re able to think in more than one language (which is important to speak fluidly), and form sentences using the logic of English (and not your native language), it means that your brain is more open to other ways of thinking. This can help you sympathize or empathize with other people, and make you a better person.

8. Because compared to other languages in the world, English is really simple.

I know that when you’re learning a tough grammar point, English can seem like the most complicated language in the world. But the truth is, compared to many other languages, it's actually quite simple.

  • There are no complicated verb conjugations to remember for each subject pronoun.
  • There is no gender.
  • There are no accents on any letters.
  • English word order follows the simple SVO pattern.
    • subject + verb + object, eg. Cats love toys.

These make English really easy to start speaking right away, unlike some other languages.

I hope this has reignited your motivation to speak English. And remember, your speaking is a lot better than you think it is. So speak up girl!

What are your motivations? Let me know in the comments!